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Tire rotation service brake brake installation


Making sure that you have a proper brake system in your car is one of the most important factors for safe driving. If you're unsure of what the problem is, On The Line Auto & Diesel Repair of Halifax, MA can diagnose and fix the problem for your car. Visit our repair center today.

Bring your cars, personal trucks, and diesel trucks to us for power steering repairs and power steering flush service. We can also do emergency brake repairs.

Full-scale Brake Installation and Repairs

  • Brake replacement

  • Brake calipers and wheel cylinders

  • Master cylinder and brake bleeding

  • ABS diagnosis and repair

  • Brake fluid flushing

  • Emergency brake repairs

  • Wheel bearing replacement and repack

  • Front and rear CV axle service and boot service

  • Suspension inspection and service

Tire Rotation Service

Brake Repairs

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